Music class with Putnee
Little Promises Child Care provides activities
in math, science, reading readiness, colors,
shapes, alphabet letters, sounds, pre-writing,
cognitive thinking, large motor skills, fine
motor skills, sensory play, and dramatic play.
To enhance these activities, we provide
poems, songs, stories, games, movement,  
physical activities, cooking, and crafts. Each
days activities are designed to involve all
children both mentally and physically.
We participate in Music classes every
Wednesday at our site.  We also
participate in Stretch-n-Grow.  
Stretch-n-Grow is an exercise program
designed to teach children about fitness,
good health, strength and muscle groups.  
Stretch-n-grow classes are held on
Thursdays at our site.
Little Promises Child Care
Phone: 805-698-4303 or 805-364-0017